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ABSA’s Academy team programming is for the most talented players.  While ABSA believes strongly that there is and always should be, an important place for purely recreational soccer, ABSA Academy teams are not a recreational program.  Our Academy teams attempt to develop the most talented players who demonstrate both the potential and the interest to play at the professional and/or international level.  ABSA is about serious fun.

Features of the ABSA Academy Team Program


  • 10 month program

  • Four 90 minute soccer training sessions weekly with elite coaching staff

  • One 60 minute sports performance training session weekly

    • Professional athletic trainers

    • Injury prevention focus (flexibility, player care, etc.)

  • Two or three matches/friendlies monthly

  • Multiple tournaments and showcase events

  • Personal development sessions

    • Personal finance education, employment opportunities, cultural education, more

  • College recruitment and placement support


Programming Hours


  • Soccer training per week: 6 hours / week - 24 / month

  • Matches & friendlies: 4-6 hours / month

Estimated Cost: $3500 - $3800 

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