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For 20 years Alex Bunbury has been a fixture in Minnesota Youth Soccer. A Father and Coach, Alex was successful in developing individual players collegiately and professionally. Teal Bunbury (New England Revolution) was developed by Alex until he was 16 years old when approached by the newly formed Shattuck Soccer School of Excellence to join their program. Teal and Alex are one of 4 Father/Son duos to both play in the MLS. Alex’s 2nd oldest son, Logan, was also developed/coached by Alex; that team performed so well that 15 out of 16 players went on to get D1 scholarship. This success helped the club achieve DA status, the first in the Twin Cities.

Alex has the unique perspective of being apart of the beginnings of elite youth development in Minnesota. These unique perspectives provide him vantage point to identify the current dysfunction, instability, lack of pathway in the current Minnesota youth soccer market.

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Alex’s playing career speaks for itself spanning 13 years of professional soccer including 11 years in the Canadian National team. Few coaches, if any in Minnesota, have the experience he does at the absolute highest levels.


Alex has personal coaching experience in this local market for over 20 years. He has a proven track record of taking local players and developing them into collegiate and professional soccer players.

Minnesota has struggled to provide a stable and sustainable professional youth development program that can provide quality development that produces professional soccer players.


As a long-time resident, Alex is ready to change that in the local community.

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